Maria Steele, MBA, P. Eng.

Maria Steele, MBA, P. Eng.
Business Development Officer

Maria completed her certificate in Engineering at UPEI and finished her bachelor's degree in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto with a specialization in Aerospace Engineering.  She also has her MBA from McMaster University, specializing in Management of Innovation and New Technology and is registered as a Professional Engineer with Engineers PEI.

Prior to joining Synapse,  Maria worked in the aerospace industry for 13 years focussing on internal cooling and ventilation for gas turbine engines.  She also worked on carbon seal analysis, anti-icing technology, and certification for airworthiness authorities. Through her aerospace career, she was involved in both lean manufacturing and product development.  Some memorable experiences involve flying onboard experimental flight test aircraft to monitor engine tests.

Maria also worked in the IT sector overseeing support agreements for software clients and managing a call center.  As a certified Project Management Professional, she has experience overseeing projects of various sizes, managing stakeholders and delivering quality results.    

Maria lives in Sherwood with her husband Mark and their three children, Logan, Ella and Kalum.

Maria can be reached at: or 902-620-5032.