Bishnu Acharya, PhD, P.Eng

Bishnu Acharya, PhD, P.Eng

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering


  • Bioresource engineering
  • Thermal system design – boilers and gasifiers


  • Bioprocessing and conversion
  • Clean energy technologies
  • Waste to high-value bioproducts
  • Biomaterials
  • Circular bioeconomy


  • Waste-to-energy opportunities
  • Reinforcing lightweight biocomposites
  • Hydrothermal carbonization
  • Biogas from waste streams
  • Biochar solutions for soil remediation
  • Biofuel for transportation

Puzzles are not a game for Bishnu Acharya. Yet, his research pieces together engineering solutions to problems that puzzle farmers, fishers, food processors and academics.

Whether he studies crops, agricultural waste, invasive marine species or other bioresources, Acharya uses engineering principles to find creative ways to process solid or liquid bioresources.

Sometimes that means seeking how to best convert biomass or its waste into a clean, sustainable energy source, and extract the most energy from that source. As one example, he subjected oil cakes (leftovers from oilseed crops) to high temperatures and deprived them of oxygen to generate a green energy source.

Acharya actively collaborates with industry partners as well as Canadian and international universities. One such research collaboration involves the University of Guelph. With his counterparts, Acharya pretreats biomass under pressure to create a solid fuel, similar to pure carbon. At UPEI’s Faculty of Sustainable Design Engineering, Acharya is already optimizing processes for this sustainable fuel.

Acharya also develops innovative processes to transform tiny cellulose crystals that he draws from invasive tunicates. Using his processes, he turns cellulose into lightweight fillers to strengthen existing biocomposites—materials combining natural fibers with resin, which are in demand for high-end industries like aerospace. He aims to provide food processors and fishers with new revenue from undesirable tunicates that affect mussel operations.

Beyond helping solve real-world puzzles, Acharya brings innovations and examples to his classes, where his design and industry experience can demystify engineering for his students.

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