Sophie St-Hilaire, DVM, MSc, PhD, MBA

Sophie St-Hilaire, DVM, MSc, PhD, MBA

Professor and Canada Research Chair (Integrated Health Research for Sustainable Aquaculture)


  • Veterinary epidemiology
  • Aquatic animal veterinary medicine
  • Preventative veterinary medicine


  • Sustainable aquaculture
  • Disease control in aquatic animals
  • Disease prevention in aquatic animals
  • Health assessment and management of aquatic species


  • Treating sea lice and bacterial diseases
  • Exploring invasive species as human-grade food products
  • Veterinary services for aquatic animal facilities
  • Product development related to aquatic species

For many of us, the word veterinarian conjures images of a professional who is qualified to treat family pets and traditional farm animals. Yet, Sophie St-Hilaire focuses her veterinary expertise on solving and preventing health problems in fish and shellfish.

St-Hilaire also stands out because apart from clinical research, few women pursue veterinary research. She thrives on the complementary nature of her field research, teaching, and vet medicine services. She appreciates that many faculty, postdocs, graduate students and industry partners are involved in fish health at the Atlantic Veterinary College.

For her research, St-Hilaire conducts both laboratory and field-based studies on animal health issues. She has directly contributed to aquaculture projects—in North America, Europe and South America—involving salmon, oysters, carp, trout, catfish and green crab.

St-Hilaire conducts research on sustainable ways to prevent, manage and treat disease outbreaks in these aquatic populations. An example of her approaches is to evaluate the effectiveness of and strategies for administering antibiotics and vaccines.

Beyond animal health, she also examines how to minimize environmental and disease risk associated with aquaculture. Regionally, St-Hilaire delivers veterinary services for aquatic clients. Internationally, she continues to work with international colleagues to develop industry best practices for sustainable aquaculture. And academically, she works with, teaches and inspires students to pursue research careers and solve underlying veterinary mysteries.

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