Fish Health Management System (Fish-iTrends)

Case Number: 15-109

Applications: Health trend monitoring of fish aquaculture sites using real-time, standardized methods.


Parasitic and infectious diseases of aquatic animals can have serious economic impacts on the aquaculture industry by directly affecting growth and survival of fish, increasing the cost of detection and control, potentially impacting the local environment, and have indirect effects on many farming decisions.

Challenges facing aquaculture producers and farm regulators include: 1) investigation and prevention of aquatic animal diseases; 2) Restrictions on market access, trade and movement of live animals once a disease agent has been detected; 3) Investigation of new and emerging infections

While there are various aquaculture production data collection systems available they are usually ad-hoc or internal to a company and are not focused on reporting or summarizing industry-wide trends.


This new fish health management system, generally referred to as an Evidence-based Epidemiology Database Management System (EME-DMS), provides for the Web-based entry of data from multiple sources and provides aggregated summaries grouped by epidemiology factors.

One of the major components of the system is the Fish-iTrends management tool for sea lice infestations in salmon aquaculture cages. It can track parasite burdens, temporal and regional life cycle trends, life stage severity and treatment timing, treatment responses and comparisons over time that may be suggestive of resistance development. This interface also comparatively tracks infection and treatment trends over multiple farm sites, seasonal fluctuations and annual cycles.

This system is currently in use or being implemented throughout Atlantic Canada by all major farmed salmon producer companies.


  • Data security and traceability protocols designed to provide data control and quality assurance.
  • Exportable to be used in a full range of popular bio-statistical packages.
  • Adaptable for other quantifiable health and treatment data.
  • Deployed on standards-based Web technology platform to increase flexibility and ensure scalability.

Stage of Development: Complete management system developed for standardized salmon lice data; currently being adapted for other species and other diseases.

Copyright Protection: The researchers have a Canadian copyright on this technology (Registration Number 1116018).

Opportunity: Licensing

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