Portable Training and Recovery Device

Case Number: 15-102


  • Professional/elite athlete sport training and recovery
  • Recovery from trauma or surgery


There are technologies currently on the market for exercise recovery using compression or electrical stimulation. Technologies with compression provide pneumatic pressure, but only target lymphatic and venous return through external pressure. These approaches do not act on the muscles, so exercise related alterations affecting protein synthesis/breakdown or glucose metabolism are not enacted. Technologies using electrical stimulation have also been sub-optimal as they produce substantial pain when applied with sufficient intensity to elicit the required response.

The Portable Training and Recovery Device delivers a unique combination of blood flow restriction and electrical muscle stimulation. This combination amplifies the adaptive muscular strength response or “metaboreflex” by slowing the removal of the metabolic products of exercise, and does not require high intensity stimulation, resulting in less pain for the patient.


The Portable Training and Recovery Device enables the development and refinement of muscle mass without the need for weight-bearing exercise or any form of activity requiring movement of the limbs and body. It provides localised blood flow occlusion with simultaneous and timed electrical stimulation to the affected muscle groups. This stimulates the muscle into a state of what is known as “passive exercise” since the individual does not actually undertake any activity during the process. The muscles are then stimulated for a specific period of time to invoke effective increases in muscle strength and mass in highly specific and prescribed areas.


Combination of compression and electrical stimulation to improve muscle training and recovery
Lower electrical stimulation required, which results in decreased patient pain compared to other devices

Stage of Development: A second-generation prototype has been developed and is being tested in a laboratory environment.

Patent Protection: A PCT Application has been filed (PCT/CA2014/050973)

Opportunity: Licensing and/or Collaborative R&D

Media Coverage: CBC article on the technology